Sunday, 17 Jan 2021

On another side, William David on the car entered by Bordeaux Racing - CSO - AutoNews Info Team, has our engineering and experience support. Back in the paddocks since a long time, he shew a great adaptation to the car that he never drove before. He set a great 5th place in qualifyings that was giving wings to the Team !

Then, Exagon Engineering has been chosen to maintain the SEAT FRANCE car which will be driven by guests each week-end of the series. In the seat this week-end, Romain Bernard (Auto Hebdo) impressed us by its skills, coached by Roland Reiss, well-know in the paddocks ! He set a 10th place in qualifyings, which was a great result for him !


Race 1 - 12 laps - The track was a bit wet as it rained a few minutes before the start...but it was on slicks tires !

Marlène got a bit surprised while having its first ever rolling start, she got passed before coming back into the race finishing 10th. Difficult to learn the car on those conditions, but good experience.

William had a good start, then he went a little bit out of the track but nothing broke on the car, and he could finish the race really nicely...he was 7th after a good fight, and during the last lap M.ROSSI was going out of track, stopping its car in the gravels, giving to William its 6th place, what was synonym of pole position for race 2 !!!

In his race, Romain took a good start but had a little slide at the beginning of the race...he restarted well and finished the race to "eat kilometers" and get experience for race 2.


Monday morning, the shiny weather is back on Paul Armagnac Track !

Pole position for William David, Marlène Broggi 10th and Romain Bernard on last lane, all ready to fight for the long 24 laps race...

William, after a very bad standing start got onto the race again without "burning his tires", what permited him, after being 6th, to come over the 2 cars in front of him and to finish 4th averall.

Marlène took a good start, jumping on the 9th place, coming just after P.Destember 8th and trying to attack him on the first sector of the track. Then in the 10th lap, she's been harpooned by the car n°6.

The accident harmed Marlène's car really hard. She then tried to finish the race as fast as possible but it was really hard to drive...

Romain took a great start and jumped over a lot of competitors!!! He did not make any fault and got constant laptimes, which allowed him to finish at a really good 12th place. At the end of this race, Romain wrote an article on this great week-end which will be publicated in the next Auto Hebdo of this wednesday.

For the Teams Exagon Engineering and Bordeaux Racing - CSO - AutoNews Info, drivers included, the week-end has  been full of emotions... See you in Ledenon on the 24th and 25th of April for the second round !!!