Thursday, 21 Jan 2021


Monday night, Clermont Ferrand Ice Rink,first tests of the car on ice...


After a few laps on the "track", Franck Lagorce went on with a lot of runs to work on management and chassis.

Tests program :

-        Engine management

-         Pedal management

-         Tyres pressure

-         dampers valving setup

-         Range validation on ice


Then the Team went to The Industrial pole of Ladoux, in the technical centre of a great tyre manufacturer, in the aim of running the car in different conditions: very wet and slippery track, and very hard and bumpy one (where they test trucks, tractors and military tanks).

Tests program:

-         Validation of electrical subsets in very wet and humid conditions

-         Validation of the mechanical links of the batteries

-         Suspensions setup


After this day, the Team went back to the Ice Rink for a final running to validate all the tested solutions during those 2 days.

Franck Lagorce :

After the very bumpy track test sessions : « It's incredible ! We started at 15km/h, then 35km/h, and finally 70km/h without any problem with the car and without lost of control, on a very very bumpy track !!! »


After the tuesday night tests : «  The car is really nice to drive, I can slide with it really easily and control it as I want, without fighting with the car (…) I can put the wheels wherever I want within the millimetre, it's brillant ! (…) jI had a lot of fun on the ice rink ! »