Thursday, 21 Jan 2021


Indeed, after learning the new technologies necessary to develop the electrical energy in Motorsports, Luc Marchetti and his crew continue to invist in this area, to propose this year a new evolution of the Electrical Andros Car.


- New battery technology

- New engine

- New transmission with autoblock diff

- ...

All these evolutions increasing not only performances and range of car but also the dynamic characteristics with a better gravity centre position and an ameliorated weight distribution.

Franck Lagorce, driver and developer of the Andros Car:

"(...) this has nothing to do with the 2008 spec, the car is less surprising, you can slide with it and keep the slide a along a corner, which not really the case last year (…) this is a real race car!”


Modeling of the new electrical traction components for the 2009 Spec

In the Magny-Cours workshop,building of the 8 new cars is going on...